New Website

tulipsThe MVLNA Board is taking measurable efforts to help provide greater, more effective services and events for our members. It is our goal this year to get greater  involvement from our members and vendors, increase membership, and provide the best educational events and services for our members.

With these goals in place, we are also working on some internal efficiencies and projects. One being the MVLNA website. With a tech savvy world around us, we have to continue to grow and in doing so, so does our image. The website is the one public piece that is always available for our members, customers, and any other inquirers. Giving the website an updated look, can only help improve our image and shows our commitment towards this association. We appear more serious and we are! In doing so, we have started to revamp our MVLNA website. The NEW website is LIVE and we are working daily to make it more user-friendly.

We are creating a more updated look, incorporating useful information, and to trying to ensure it is a better tool for potential customers in finding you.