Past, Present, and Future

Our History

MVLNAThe Mahoning Valley Landscape and Nursery Association (MVLNA) was founded in 1935 as a social, educational and cooperative professional organization dedicated to developing the industry, to continuously improve the quality of products and services provided to the consumer, and to promote ethical business practices.

Over the years the MVLNA has been instrumental in serving as a vital link between the trade, the Cooperative Extension Service and other professional associations in the Mahoning Valley area.

The MVLNA was the testing ground for many of Fred Buscher’s programs that later became industry standards. While we have not been a large group, we generally have been a farsighted group that is open to new ideas and new members that wish to contribute to improving the industry.

Our Present

More than ever, the MVLNA today is one of the few regional forums available to the green industry to address local problems on a local level. Our mission statement adopted in 1994 states; ‘The purpose of the association is to provide educational programs, to promote correct horticulture practices, and to serve as a social medium that allows cooperative interaction of the membership in its efforts to promote the industry as a whole. The association is also to serve its membership through the dissemination of pertinent information that can impact the welfare of its members.

Our Future

All companies that work within the green industry and related service companies are all welcome to join the MVLNA. People interested in making a difference! You are the tomorrow!

By becoming a part of this association, you can take advantage of the years of experience of some of the long-term members, who are always willing to share and to help. Perhaps you have unique experiences that you can share with the membership. We can all learn from one another. You can be the spearhead of the landscape and nursery industry of tomorrow by being an active participant in the only local association that is solely dedicated to serving the green industry.

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